Thursday, 19 September 2013

ECME september 2013

Early Childhood Music Education


July 15-19, 2014 Brasilia


Theme: 'Listening to Diverse Musical Beginnings'


Venue:The Universidade de Brasilia, Departimento de Musica

Brasilia, Brazil



The July 2014 ECME Seminar will be particularly significant as the community of researchers, scholars, practitioners and students reflect on the diverse musical beginnings of young children from all the continents. New developments, especially in the field of musical beginnings at home, in school, and in communities, including the role of technology and media in children's musical beginnings, will be presented.  We will look at pedagogies of the world and share collaborative and constructive models. Creative and critical thinking, in musical beginnings and in teacher education, will be a theme within the seminar.



The ECME seminar brings together experienced and early career researchers and practitioners, who challenge, enrich and equip one another. This international forum also brings together diverse cultural perspectives on children, childhood and music education. Modes of presentation range from research papers, posters and workshops to symposia and practice papers. The sharing of songs and games from a range of cultures is also a feature of the ECME seminar. Ongoing international initiatives promise to foster meaningful collaborations among countries, regions and continents.


We hope to meet you in Brasilia and to transform our dream - music education for all children 0-8 years - into a most extraordinary reality.




Margré van Gestel

Chair Early Childhood Music Education 2012-2014 (ISME)


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