Sunday, 17 February 2013

Listening to diverse musical beginnings

Listening to Diverse Musical Beginnings.


A nursery school offers a stimulating environment with all kinds of toys. Most of the toys have beautiful colors and they are safe and, above all, easy to clean.

Another place in the world where children are playing together: Using materials they found in the neighborhood: some wooden sticks, some stones and a self made ball.


When we read this we instantly create a "picture" using our own "backpack" of knowledge and experiences. Most of the time we instantly have "an opinion" about the pictures we created in our mind.


All over the world young children experiment with objects, voices and sounds. In some people's opinion this is just "producing a lot of noise".  Other people support this form of sound exploration and tell: "This is a way for children to explore themselves and to learn."

And above all, we, as music teachers/practitioners and/or researchers also have an opinion about the best way we, as adults, can support these young children in their (musical) learning and development…………… Time to share ideas and communicate!!


We would like to listen, in a respectful way, to the diverse musical beginnings of young children 0-8 world wide during the ECME seminar in July 14-18, 2014 in Brasilia.  Participants, coming from all over the world, have rather different ideas and experiences regarding music education, depending on their cultural background and educational level. This makes an ECME seminar a wonderful experience and we are sure you will make a lot of new friends!


ECME desires to promote music in the lives of all young children 0-8 years and we would like to provide an international forum for the exchange of ideas. At the seminar in Corfu in 2012 special interest groups were formed and we would like you to take part in the discussion.

Interested in: Pre- Postnatal, Parent-child music classes, Educating nursery teachers to work with music and young children or Intergenerational experiences?  Contact the ECME commission!


Margré van Gestel

Chair Early Childhood Music Education commission 2012-2014