Saturday, 15 March 2014

March 2014

Useful information:

Early Childhood Music Education

July 15-19, 2014

Theme: "Listening to Diverse Musical Beginnings"


The Universidade de Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil


The Early Childhood Music Education commission provides an opportunity to explore the fascinating and multifaceted musical worlds of children.

July 2014 will mark the 16th anniversary of the ECME Seminar. The ECME community of researchers, scholars, practitioners and attendees will reflect on the pedagogies of the world which guide children's musical beginnings.

With Katherine March as keynote speaker we will have an interesting start of the seminar.

We will listen to diverse musical beginnings at home, in school and in communities and

we will explore the role of technology and media in children's musical beginnings.

The ECME seminar is about sharing knowledge, practise and research in many respects.

This international forum also brings together diverse cultural perspectives on children, childhood and music education.  Next to presentations of research and practise papers, posters and workshops there will be moments

of singing together and discussion groups each day.

Brasilia town and the Departamento de Música will offer us a perfect place to stay.


Flights to Brasilia airport.

Transportation from the airport:

Bus every half hour US 3,50

TAXI: 20 minutes drive: $ 20,00

Schedule seminar:

Welcome reception: Monday evening July 14

Opening seminar: Tuesday July 15

Closing session: July 19: 13.00


How to continue to the main conference:

From Brasilia there are daily flights to Porte Alegre:

Sunday 20 July 9.42. Arrival in Porte Alegre 12.20.

Seminar fees:

Seminar fee: $ 274,00 for participants.

Seminar diner: $ 42,00  Excursion: $ 62,00


Saint Moritz Express (Downtown Brasilia)

Superior: Single: 268/  Double: 303,00  (= $127)

Luxo: Single: 250,00  Double: 325,00

Promotional code: 67128


The sun express (Lakeside)

Superior single: 227,00   Double: 262, (=$ 110)

Luxo: Single 250/ Double: 285,00

Promotional code: 12588

Check whether you have to apply for visa!!!

Meeting location:

Departamento de Musica

Universidade de Brasilia

Campus Darcy Ribeiro- AS NORTE




Ricardo Dourado Freire
Diretor do Instituto de Artes da Universidade de Brasília


Email the commission: Margré van Gestel

Chair Early Childhood Music Education 2012-2014 (ISME)