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ecme blog july 2011

ECME Blog July 2011


In about a year the Early Childhood Music Education seminar will be finished and we shall be enjoying the ISME world conference in Thessaloniki, July 15-20, 2012.


The visit to Greece opens a new musical window

and gives you the change to take a look in the world of art,

culture and music of many countries.


The conference venue is situated along the water

 and is a perfect place to stay. It has many possibilities for indoor and outdoor concerts.



Every musician or music pedagogue is very welcome to hear presentations about the role music plays in the development and talk about music environments and music teaching. As the international society of music Education exists for almost 60 years we will look back to the past of music education but also have lots op opportunities to make education "ready for the future".


The theme of the Early Childhood Music education seminar

at Corfu, 9-13 July 2012: "Passing on the Flame",

is closely related to the theme of the world conference:

 "Music Paedeia:

From Ancient Greek Philosophers

Towards Global Music Communities".


The first ECME commission seminars started in 1982.

In the beginning years it was an exchange of practise and knowledge linked to practise. During the years the amount of research presentations expanded. In the past years the commission formulated a vision and a mission and now it is the time to reflect on the past but also to create new organizational structures and perhaps to create new world wide special interest groups within ECME. 

Envisioning towards the future we would like to invite you to write a paper or send ECME a workshop proposal.

We would like to share research and best practise in the field of music with young children 0-8 years.


The programme of the seminar will give participants time to discuss, but there are also lots of moments to discover the island of Corfu: going to the beach, having a swim, enjoying the music from Corfu and having a wonderful time.


Don't be too late with registration!


There are many hotels in different price-brackets.

Next to the booking fee (this seminar to be paid by all the presenter and observers but which will be kept as low as possible)

the island of Corfu is a perfect place to stay.

Lovely restaurants, good food, lots of sun and nice places to be.

Bring your bathing suit, sunglasses, sunburn-lotion and a hat!


The seminar will be hosted in the IONIAN University and in the building of the Department of Music. The department is situated in a very special place: "the Old Fortress". Standing in front of the building of the IONIAN University you have a marvellous view over the sea and the old fortress.



The commission wants to promote and advocate for every child's right on music education in order to enhance the quality of children's live.

We hope to see your submission and registration and we are looking forward to see you July 2012 at Corfu and afterwards in Thessaloniki!


As the website is a perfect place to share stories about the importance of music in the lives of young children, I would like to invite you to send your stories to me to place them on the website.


Send your story to


Margré van Gestel, chair ECME 2010-2012




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