Sunday, 9 January 2011

ECME blog Happy New Year


filled with music (and) education

for the benefit of children all over the World.




We are very grateful ISME gave us the possibility

to publish an ECME blog on the ISME website.

A perfect way to share our experiences and ideas

and to be connected in between the conferences.


The content of the first official blog (with help of you all) will be:


"The use of music and songs of the culture

in early childhood music education".


As incoming chair of the ECME commission I would like to invite all music educators working with young children to exchange ideas regarding the various ways in which young children appreciate and participate in music off their own culture during music education classes.


I hope you are willing to share (short) stories.


If you have other news regarding ECME all over the world: let me know!


Hope to hear from you all!


You may send your submission to

before January 14 2011


A Happy new year!


 Margré van Gestel

Chair Early Childhood Music Education (ISME)

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